Thursday, August 21, 2014

Perfect 10 (my lining that is)

     Today I went for my lining check to make sure the meds were doing what they need to do. Good news they are doing exactly what they should!

    First I got more blood drawn (seriously we are up to 19 vials for anyone counting along at home) and yes that is Pink camo tape around my arm, BUT luckily no bruising yet! Fingers crossed!

    We got to the appointment way to early (like half a hour early) I was afraid of being stuck in traffic and made Juan come with me so here is him being bored on his phone. But at least they have Wifi?

     I got my ultrasound to find out how my lining was doing and.... 

     My lining was at a 10 (well 10.78mm to be exact) Yes I am bragging about my uterine lining, who would have ever thought I would be doing that. I have almost a perfect triple stripe and the doctor is confident that I will be where I need to be come the transfer on September 5th.

    For those who do not know they were just hoping my lining would be at a 7 so 10 almost 11 is amazing! and a triple stripe is how they know that the lining is mature and the embryo has a good chance of implanting after transfer!

What is the oddest thing you have bragged about?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I have been married a whole year!

       1 Year ago I finally married my high school sweetheart and love of my life! We were together 8 years before we were married and engaged for 5.

      It was very important for us to have a HUGE wedding with all of our friends and family and we have big families. So we saved up our money and saved and saved, until we could afford the wedding we wanted to have without going to debt.

     Below I am posting some of my favorite pictures from our wedding and our relationship! About 90% of these photos were taken by Perfect Aim Photogaphy.

     Are you Married? How long have you been married for?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Big needles for bigger bellies!

     Monday I started Estrace. The needles are a LOT bigger than the Lupron needles so I am understandably nervous about this shot. I also go from giving myself the shot in my stomach to a IM shot in the behind...

     On the left is the needle for Lupron shots. On the right is the needle from Estrace. BIG difference. I get to do these every Monday and Friday too! Luckily Friday my husband will be home so he will be able to give me that one. 

Have you ever given yourself a shot?
Do you think you could?

How a Surrogate does Shots on a Friday night

Disclaimer this post is for 8/8/2014a
Yep this is how I roll every Friday night!

     One thing about medication is there is NO ALCOHOL at all. That is my clinics policy while on medication. So while on my Facebook feed I see friends going out and dancing this is how I spend my friday nights (then usually cuddling and watching movies)

    This however is my last Friday night that I will only have to do one shot for a while.... (post to come on that) 

How did you spend your Friday Night?

Estradiol how low can you go

     When you are on the 50 million medications you get to get blood tests to make sure that the medication is doing its job, and your body is responding correctly.
That means the blood vial count goes up to 18.

     I am now at the point that getting blood drawn is seriously no big deal with the shots I have been giving myself and blood draw after blood draw, I really don't even feel the needle anymore. 

    The good news is that the medication is doing 100% what they want it to do and I have the Estradoil levels of someone going through menopause! Basically that means I will not ovulate and make it so we have to cancel the cycle! 

Extra hormones.

     The first injection I started is Lupron.

     Lupron has been known to make moms feel crazy. Me I was a big huge emotional mess who cried over everything. The first few days were really hard on me. I cried over the silliest smallest things, then would cry about crying, then cry when ever I even talked about crying.

     August first however was the hardest day for me it was my 6th day of Lupron and it was hitting me hard. So to try to make myself feel better after it stopped being to hot to go outside at all I took the kids outside to play and draw with chalk.
 With chalk drawings the first thing they always do is kick of their shoes.
Doesn't my little one have HUGE feet.

This was the star of her Elsa drawing. 
And I just did her hair 5 minutes before this... 
Her hair will not stay in place EVER.

I was starting to feel a little better and decided to leave this
just in case anyone else was having a bad day it might 
help them feel a little bit better too!

     These hormones have not been that easy on me, but I keep telling myself that it is for an amazing cause and S+J would be gladly be doing this if it meant that S could carry the baby herself. 

Last day of this evil little pill

This post is from August 1st, Post dates will be a little messed up while I work on catching the blog up to where we are now in the surrogacy. 

     One thing I have hated was the birth control they put me on. I had to take it at night because it made me feel so sick.

     I had to be on the pill because they were manipulating my cycle (with only taking active pills) so that way we could start meds at any time and not have to worry about waiting for the start of another cycle or rushing to get things done so we wouldn't miss a cycle.

     This little evil pill is no more I am finally off it and officially doing the surrogacy Injections!

Who knew I would be so excited to stab myself with a needle every day...