Sunday, August 31, 2014

Progesterone is not nice.

     The Progesterone shot was not nice to me last night I woke but with a VERY sore backside and it even bruised.  I only 70 more days of these shots to go... I really hope I can get the hang of them and they are not like this all through the surrogacy. 

     A large part of it hurting so bad is I did the shot too low. I will not be making that mistake EVER again. Another side of the medication is I did not fall asleep until after 6am last night. Looks like I will be contacting the clinic to see if there is any sleeping pills that I can take. 

     Tonight I start two medications Doxycycline, I have already taken this one and learned the hard way no matter what eat before I take this pill. Doxycycline is a antibiotic, it just will make sure that I do not have any infection and will help me not get one from the embryo transfer. 

      Then I also start Medrol, I have not taken Medrol before but I have heard that it is just like Progesterone and I will not be able to sleep while on it. Medrol is a steroid that will suppress my immune function so that way my body (fingers crossed) will accept the embryos. 

Just 5 days until transfer!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Progesterone here we go!

     I have to admit I am a bit nervous about the progesterone shots, I have to admit my bum is sore from the twice a week Delgesterone shots. It is for a good cause though. I am used the big needles from the Delgesterone shots so now it is just getting used to a LOT more medicine in the shot. 

Wish me luck!
Just 6 days until transfer!

     I am planning on hopefully doing at least a quick update every day, at least until transfer. Make sure to come back and read each update!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Counting down

     With surrogacy it seems like I am always counting down to something, 3 days till clearance appointment, 5 days until the Psychological evaluation, 4 days till start of meds, 30 days till transfer.

     Those were old countdowns as of 8/28 here is a current list of my countdowns.

  • 1 day until my last lupron shot
  • 2 days until I start progesterone
  • 8 days until transfer
  • 18 days until first pregnancy test
  • 20 days until the second pregnancy test
  • 73 days until I am done with shots
  • 274 days until due date (as long as the transfer works) 
     I sure am counting down a lot of things with surrogacy. It still seems pretty unreal that I am going to be a part of being able to give S+J a child. 

Leave a comment bellow letting me know what are you counting down to? 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Perfect 10 (my lining that is)

     Today I went for my lining check to make sure the meds were doing what they need to do. Good news they are doing exactly what they should!

    First I got more blood drawn (seriously we are up to 19 vials for anyone counting along at home) and yes that is Pink camo tape around my arm, BUT luckily no bruising yet! Fingers crossed!

    We got to the appointment way to early (like half a hour early) I was afraid of being stuck in traffic and made Juan come with me so here is him being bored on his phone. But at least they have Wifi?

     I got my ultrasound to find out how my lining was doing and.... 

     My lining was at a 10 (well 10.78mm to be exact) Yes I am bragging about my uterine lining, who would have ever thought I would be doing that. I have almost a perfect triple stripe and the doctor is confident that I will be where I need to be come the transfer on September 5th.

    For those who do not know they were just hoping my lining would be at a 7 so 10 almost 11 is amazing! and a triple stripe is how they know that the lining is mature and the embryo has a good chance of implanting after transfer!

What is the oddest thing you have bragged about?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I have been married a whole year!

       1 Year ago I finally married my high school sweetheart and love of my life! We were together 8 years before we were married and engaged for 5.

      It was very important for us to have a HUGE wedding with all of our friends and family and we have big families. So we saved up our money and saved and saved, until we could afford the wedding we wanted to have without going to debt.

     Below I am posting some of my favorite pictures from our wedding and our relationship! About 90% of these photos were taken by Perfect Aim Photogaphy.

     Are you Married? How long have you been married for?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Big needles for bigger bellies!

     Monday I started Estrace. The needles are a LOT bigger than the Lupron needles so I am understandably nervous about this shot. I also go from giving myself the shot in my stomach to a IM shot in the behind...

     On the left is the needle for Lupron shots. On the right is the needle from Estrace. BIG difference. I get to do these every Monday and Friday too! Luckily Friday my husband will be home so he will be able to give me that one. 

Have you ever given yourself a shot?
Do you think you could?

How a Surrogate does Shots on a Friday night

Disclaimer this post is for 8/8/2014a
Yep this is how I roll every Friday night!

     One thing about medication is there is NO ALCOHOL at all. That is my clinics policy while on medication. So while on my Facebook feed I see friends going out and dancing this is how I spend my friday nights (then usually cuddling and watching movies)

    This however is my last Friday night that I will only have to do one shot for a while.... (post to come on that) 

How did you spend your Friday Night?